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It is undeniable that you have spent much money on making your.  home energy-effective by investing in solar panels. Therefore, take good care of your biggest investment by booking a comprehensive, eco-friendly solar panel washing service with Hiko Group.

Solar panel washing and maintenance in Australia

If your solar panels are not working as they used to or don’t appear to be creating the same amount of energy, then it is time to get your solar panels washed. But don’t allow anyone to do it. You require someone for the job who can manage the heights while utilizing specialized equipment. Save yourself from any kind of risk associated and ask Hiko Group to professionally wash your panels for you.

Why do you have to clean the solar panels?  Dust on solar panels does much more than making them looks old. Just 4 grams of dust per square metre can lessen solar power connections up to 30%. Cleaning solar panels is not a cosmetic job but it is important for your solar panels to work at peak rate ability.

Maintain the quality of the solar panels with a comprehensive wash

If you live near to the sea, solar panels are exposed to salt crystals which gather within a short span of time. Moreover, bird droppings will seriously lessen the generating ability of the solar panels. Pollution is also a vital factor in solar panels that may influence not performing at their energy creating ability, specifically in industrial and commercial areas.

Maintaining the solar panels is simple with the assistance of Hiko Goup. We offer an efficient washing service for residents in Australia. Get in touch with us for a free quotation today.

How frequently should I wash solar panels?

Washing your solar panels save your money but how frequently you do it will depend on where you live.  For instance, if your property is around the coastal or sea area or dusty ambiances, you might require more regular cleaning. Casually speaking, every 3 to 6 months is a good strategy to wash your solar panels. It is true that the benefits outweigh the cost involved with a professional solar panel washing.

Professional solar panel washing by the experts

For years, we have been offering solar panel washing services to residential and commercial clients in Australia.  You can stay assured that our top quality service is unmatched.

We ensure all your solar panels are clean and clear of all types of soiling. Along with this, we clean the frame of the panels at zero extra cost.

We eradicate all kinds of bacteria and mould utilizing completely eco-friendly products and just utilize completely filtered water, so no scratches or residue is left on the solar panels. Most importantly, all our professionals are completely insured with the right safety equipment.

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The effectiveness of your solar power system will rely on how well you keep the solar panels clean. Get in touch with the friendly team at Hiko Group today, and we’ll enhance the amount of sunlight that you can tackle.