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At Hiko Group, we are dedicated to assist you in keeping your office, business premises and also your warehouse clean and protected against the germs and viruses through highly efficient office disinfection cleaning services and solutions.

Hire our savvy office disinfecting cleaners to disinfect and clean your office in Australia to get rid of any undesired guests such as bacteria, germs, viruses and COVID 19 commonly found on the surfaces and other areas. Getting your place sanitized on a daily basis will assist in preventing the spread of dangerous viruses and germs that might compromise the health of your family or staff members.

Do you know that coronavirus can spread through touch? Various common things and surfaces that are often touched at your office, like water taps, door handles, keyboards, telephone etc are often utilized by many people who might have unseen germs and viruses in their house, some are more dangerous than COVOD-19.

Just touching these surfaces can transfer the virus to your body and will ultimately make you sick! Likewise, delicate areas such as toilet seats also carry many disease and germs. That is why it is not sufficient to clean your office or house for dirt and dust.

You also have to get your place regularly sanitized and disinfected to stop the spread of these fatal viruses, bacteria and germs to make sure that the people at your place are completely safe.

Our cleaning experts at Hiko Group utilize top quality cleaning solutions, disinfectants and sanitizers to efficiently clean your place of all kinds of viruses quickly.

We offer top quality industrial and commercial cleaning solutions for open and external areas that might be polluted with Coronavirus.

Environments which might be at stake include industrial sites, construction sites, vehicle or freight hubs, public amenities and outdoor facilities of private businesses.

Hiko Group’s disinfection cleaning team is committed to offer high pressure disinfection and combination jetting units for treatment of small, medium and large outdoor communal areas.

Our dedication is to offer an industry leading service. We follow top levels of safety and hygiene as mentioned by the Department of Health of Australia. The result is effective and cost-efficient will minimal downtime particularly for high-transit outdoor working public spaces and working ambiances.

Our teams are experienced and completely trained in the usage of top quality commercial disinfectants which also adhere to environmental regulations. You can rely on the hospital grade products utilized that don’t harm the environment and are totally safe for people returning to the treated area.

What are the areas that are treated?

We treat all kinds of surfaces and areas. This is what differentiates disinfection cleaning from regular cleaning.

Our Staff

As we have catered this service to numerous clients in the past during the outbreak, all our staffs are highly skilled and trained for Covid-19 outbreak cleaning. Our staffs show up at the site wearing the necessary attire. All staffs have certifications on infection control cleaning. These certifications can be sent on request.