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Don’t allow leaked or blocked gutters damage your home, as we will restore them to flow again. We commence by cleaning most of the gutter by hand or with equipment, removing all the debris. We will then test every downpipe and gutter to make sure it is flowing properly.

We also provide vacuum gutter cleaning for homes in Australia. Vacuum cleaning utilizes a big suction hose to clean your gutter rather cleaning them by hand. The vacuum unit is fixed on a vehicle along with a tank that accumulates the debris after it is sucked up.

We can clean all types of root gutters in homes, townhouses, multi-storeyed buildings and apartments. We also provide gutter cleaning, making sure that all the bases are covered.

At Hiko Group, we are completely trained and insured to get your residential gutter cleaning job done properly. Regardless how big or small, our residential gutter cleaners will leave your downpipes and gutters clear and clean.

In Australia, gutter cleaning is mandatory to keep your home safe speaking of half yearly or annual cleaning. This portion of the building or the home plays a vital role in protecting your yard and overall premises of the home from possibly damaging your house from the effects of water. Maintaining a clear gutter is vital during heavy storms, where the huge quantities of rainwater should clear and clean gutters to drain efficiently. And in case of inferior gutter drainage, they might end up flooding your home.

We are accredited commercial gutter cleaning company in Australia for our professional gutter cleaning services.

Gutter cleaning services

We specialize in gutter guards, gutter repairs, and gutter cleaning. Blocked gutters can be a serious issue. Gutters filled with debris and leaves are a fire hazard. The accumulation of acidic leaf mulch will propel corrosion of downpipes and gutter, which might end up as very expensive repairs or replacement is yet to come. Fortunately, with our dependable team of gutter cleaning in Australia, you won’t have to be concerned about this as we will get it covered with our regular gutter cleaning service.

If you gave any special or particular requests such as gutter cleaning service at an affordable cost, we are happy to discuss that with you. Just send an email inquiry or call us today!

We adhere to the rule of “Safety First”.  Please don’t jeopardize your safety. Allow us to take care of all your gutter cleaning requirements, while you sit back and spend some quality time with your friends and family.

Why select our gutter cleaning service?

We value long term and friendly relationships that we develop with our customers enabling us to be the reliable gutter cleaner in Australia for thousands of strata buildings, residential homes, businesses and government buildings every year.

No matter what you require us for and the type of work involved, our gutter cleaners work for different sized residential job or commercial projects and we strive to surpass your expectations. We are proud of our top quality workmanship.