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No matter whether you live in Australia, whether you just have a small front yard or you have what appears like acres of garden that truly requires attention. At Hiko Group, we can assist you with all your garden general maintenance requirements.

In may be a weekly, biweekly or monthly service you require or maybe a one-time garden maintenance package to truly make your garden look its best. Regardless, what you are looking for speaking of taking care of your garden or your lawn, you’ll get our top level of service with our customer satisfaction assurance.

Is your lawn looking a bit bald, patchy or perhaps it is so overgrown that you can’t get the newspaper if it doesn’t land on your driveway? Perhaps the weeds have completely invaded and you can’t find real grass anywhere. Don’t worry! Hiko Group can assist.

Garden General Maintenance Services

Following a comprehensive quotation and garden analysis, Group Hiko’s garden maintenance teams decide what type of maintenance is required for every unique garden.

Our detailed range of gardening services cover every aspect of garden maintenance required to enable your garden to thrive, including threat control, soil nutrition, usual cleaning and trimming services.  Our services include lawn mowing and edging, pruning, trimming and weeding, fertilizing and much more.

Perhaps the problem is in the garden?

Maybe it is not the lawn that requires some care, but your flower beds, or the shrubs require trimming, or those rose bushes require pruning or you need to cut back the trees a bit or those borders require edging and a truly good clean-up. Or perhaps you got gushed and started it but now after weeks later and those plants and the potting soil you purchased are still just sitting there waiting to be planted!

Garden makeover is a specialty

Even if it is the worst case scenario where you have come to the conclusion that you think you truly have to just rip everything in your garden and commence all over again, don’t panic and just give us a call. One of professionals would be quite happy to assist to transform whatever your garden and lawn look like right now into a sensational garden that you’ll be proud of and will make your neighbours jealous.

We can customize a package that will suit your requirements and budget.  You can select from:

  • One-time garden maintenance
  • Weekly garden maintenance
  • Bi-weekly garden maintenance
  • Monthly garden maintenance

At Hiko Group, we have been maintaining gardens across Australia for years so you can stay assured that our experience delivers the best outcomes. But simply because we have been in this business for years, doesn’t mean we relax.  We always ensure we stay updated with the latest developments in everything we do and hence we can ensure to keep bringing you the best garden solutions.

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