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Restore, houses, walls and more with an acid wash or pressure clean. This procedure makes the attribute of your bricks stand out and makes a difference. Hiko Group offers the best high pressure brick cleaning in Australia, implementing technical creativity and years of experience to get the best possible outcomes on your property.

Many factories and houses have some type of brickwork. With the passage of time, grime accumulates from nearby footpaths, motorways and other roads. Hiko Group strives to restore and renew your brickwork to a prestigious condition making it lovely to look at. Acid wash is available and should only be carried out by a professional.  Others may cause more damage than anything good.  Pressure cleaning and acid washing on bricks is also a technique we utilize to clean any extra mortar left from the brick layer.

We utilize high pressure hot water equipments that will in most scenarios remove the grime efficiently and conveniently. Nonetheless, we do have products that will help in the removal if we need it. We always discuss with our clients and let them know what will be done and how before we commence ant brick cleaning, you can ensure that our procedures surpass your own high standards.

Taking a careful approach and cleaning the ideal way is vital so no damage is caused to the mortar or bricks in the joints. Brickwork may include back and front retaining houses, fences, walls and much more.

Brickwork becomes ugly after the accumulation of moss, grime, dirt and other pollutants that accumulate over time. All the above mentioned pollutants may cause your bricks to fade away, that is why it is vital to have your bricks cleaned at regular intervals. At Hiko Group, we offer professional, dependable and instant brick cleaning services in Australia. We ensure convenient high pressure brick cleaning backed by years of experience and the latest in pressure cleaning technology.

Our brick cleaning method  

At Hiko Group, we know about bricks. There are different types of bricks and each type needs different brick cleaning methods. It is also vital to consider what should be cleaned from your bricks, such as paint, organic matter, graffiti, cement, and atmospheric contaminants.

We decide brick cleaning requirements and then set pressure machines to the ideal PSI to make sure that your bricks are cleaned efficiently and left without any kind of damage.  Pressure cleaning is the most extensively utilized and efficient brick cleaning method. We follow the best precautions to make sure that we carry out our brick cleaning services safely.

Brick cleaning is an arduous procedure when you don’t have the ideal equipment. At Hiko Group, we are completely licensed and accredited and have all the appropriate equipments to clean your bricks on time and without crossing your budget. We cater professional brick cleaning services on houses, granny flats and multi-level units.

Our brick cleaning professionals will make sure that you are satisfied with our services. Call us to consult about your brick cleaning necessities to get a free quotation or place and order and schedule our services.