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Your home is highly likely to be the largest single investment you will ever make, so it certainly makes sense to try and protect its value. Furthermore, it follows that periodic general home maintenance is essential to keep a property in good condition. Roof coating or roof tile painting is just one area that can make a significant difference to the value of your home. If roof tiles are left too long without being looked after, they can detract from the look of a nice home. Unfortunately, due to access issues, the roof is generally the last area of consideration when it comes to maintenance around the home.


How much should roof cleaning cost?

Usually, roof cleaning costs $0.20-$0.60 per square foot. Depending on the roofing material and the cleaning method, you need to invest $300-$1500 for cleaning a 1500 sq. ft roof area.

Can roof cleaning cause leaks?

If you hire inexperienced roof cleaning professionals, they will cause leaks in your roof tiling. Using improper cleaning techniques will lead to water penetrating the roof into your interior structure. Overdoing can trigger leakage problems on your roof. Especially, if you apply a high-pressure washer to the tiled roof, it can damage the integrity of shingles or tiles. As a result, you can spend unnecessary repair or replacement costs.

Does roof cleaning damage shingles?

It is recommended not to use the pressure washer repeatedly on your roof shingles. Otherwise, you will need to spend more money on your roofing in the long run. Most homeowners must avoid high-pressure washing for roof cleaning, as it will damage shingles and protect your structure from water damage.

Does roof cleaning include gutters?

Yes, roof cleaning includes gutter cleaning. Debris, moss, and leaves accumulated in the gutter will obstruct water flow and cause stagnation on the roof. So, regular gutter cleaning is mandatory to ensure proper drainage and prevent potential water damage to your structure.

Does roof cleaning damage tiles?

If you notice the growth of moss, lichen, mold, and algae on the roof tiles, you will need a roof cleaning service. However, a high-powered pressure washer will remove the finish of the tiles, so be cautious when you are planning to clean your roof.

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