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Regular concrete cleaning in Australia is the solution if you want to maintain the beauty and style of your polished concrete flooring, then it is important to take good care of the floors. Periodic clean-ups and regular repairs by utilizing a concrete cleaner and a mop will assist you to maintain the timeless beauty of the concrete flooring.

Concrete can offer a contemporary and trendy look when used properly for businesses and homes. The secret to making sure this look is maintained is by keeping it properly sealed, maintained and cleaned. Grime can quickly accumulate on the floors and concrete walls, lessening the effect of the dramatic concrete look.

Cleaning concrete is one thing, but the right maintenance to make sure you get maximum durability from your concrete is something else. If not protected properly, the quality of the concrete deteriorates which will reduce its visual attraction substantially.

There are several products available to clean the concrete, but not all concrete cleaners work on all types of stain. It is not always simple to decide what caused a concrete stain just by looking at it.

Concrete cleaning bigger areas can be scary! Due to its light colour, concrete can become very ugly pretty fast with the right conditions. Strong commercial pressure cleaners along with eco-friendly biodegradable concrete cleaning treatments are the only definite mediums of removal.

The concrete cleaning services of the Hiko Group look to correct this with professional high-pressure cleaning that will make your concrete surfaces look like a brand new one.

Our concrete cleaning services include:

  • Car parking areas
  • Driveways
  • Concrete outdoor areas
  • Removal of chewing gum
  • Removal of paint
  • Concrete degreasing
  • Footpath cleaning

How we offer the best concrete cleaning service

Our sophisticated pressure cleaning equipments will offer a cleaning that is not attainable though any DIY techniques while also saving a substantial amount of time. We offer completely enclosed service in soundproof covers for the most silent cleaning procedure possible and avoid electrical power leads, extra hoses, or extra water for a safe work environment.  We will make sure that you won’t even know we have been working at your place. All you will see is the neatest concrete surfaces of your property!

Concrete coating and sealing

This service not only enhances the aesthetics of your concrete, but it also enhances the protection of the surface. We provide concrete coating and sealing for:

  • Garage Floor Cleaning
  • Polished concrete
  • Coated concrete
  • Embellished concrete
  • Tennis courts
  • Concrete driveways
  • Pavers

Speak with your concrete cleaning expert about your concrete now

By calling Hiko Group, you can derive benefit of years of concrete cleaning and restoration experience. If you are marvelling if your concrete is quite worn out, please let us know! We can have a look and get a solution that will rejuvenate your concrete and thereby putting smile on your face. There are reasons why we are the industry leaders in concrete cleaning. Let us have a chat today!