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Wherever there are vehicles, driveways exist and hence most homes have one and cleaning the driveway at regular intervals become a practice that most don’t want to harness. The sizes of the domestic driveway usually range from 60 meters and may go up to 1.5 km and are mainly made of any type o concrete.  No matter the type of the cement you have used to make them, they all get dirty.

High Pressure Driveway cleaning

Cement or clay pavers suffer the same issues as concrete as they get dirty. The one difference is that pavers have joints everywhere which enables weeds to grow.  How many times have you poisoned the weeds on your paved driveway just to notice them return sooner or later? Due to the migration of the seeds in the air, it is possibly impossible to eradicate the weed growth due to dirt build up over time. The only way to restrict the growth of the weeds is to restrict the amount of dirt accumulation through cleaning. Our cleaning procedure for the paved driveways will completely remove all the weeds and leave your pavers look like the newly aid ones.

Hiko Group is your local driveway cleaning specialist in Australia.  Utilizing state of the art equipmet and high pressure driveway cleaning methods, we can restore all types of driveway surfaces and make them look like the brand new ones.

Professional driveway cleaning

You might be tempted to clean your own driveway utilizing your domestic pressure cleaner, nonetheless, cleaning a complete driveway with an under powered pressure cleaner will not only take days to complete, it is also do an inferior job in removing the ingrained mould, dirt and other stains regardless of the surface type. Our commercial quality pressure cleaning equipment delivers excellent results in no time and leaves your driveway looking like a brand new one again  so you can unwind and enjoy your weekends.

Safe Driveway sealing

To accomplish durable results, driveway sealing is an incredible way to maintain the colour of the surface while adding protection against moss and weeds. This style provides a durable solution and makes cleaning the driveway surface much simpler in the long run. Although it is optional, driveway sealing is strongly suggested and can assist to lessen costs in the long run y reducing the requirement for maintenance.

The Hiko Group Difference

At Hiko Group, our experienced team strives to offer top level of customer service and satisfaction through every single driveway cleaning job we complete. We only utilize professional methods and equipment to prevent damaging the driveway and don’t utilize harmful chemicals that can damage your driveway surface.

With the passage of time, the pavers or concrete of your driveway gets dirty from stains, dust, grime, mould and also moss that can make the floor slippery and may also cause damage.

Our team utilizes industrial quality equipment to proficiently restore your driveway to its original condition. They are completely trained in the latest methods to make the surface look incredible again.