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Roof Painting

Make Your Roof Colorful with Our Roof Painting Services

At Hiko Group, we are responsible for rejuvenating your roof as a significant part of the exterior renovation. Our ability to revitalize your space with Roof Painting Services is possible with an adept team of our expert painting partners. Apart from enhancing the look of your roofing, painting services will extend its lifespan. 

We help you cover all parts of your roof with comprehensive care and detailed attention. Backed by years of experience, our professional painters will redefine your roofing space with diverse and durable color options. To meet our clients’ unique requirements, we provide top-notch painting solutions for your residential or commercial property. 

Why does Roof Painting Services matter? 

Painting your roof has become a crucial step for your residence. Having a variety of benefits, a fresh coat of paint will ensure Roof sealing and keep your home away from direct sun rays. This way, a painted roof will balance the temperature of your interior, help you save energy consumption, and reduce your electricity bills. 

Besides, Roof resurfacing will make your roof weather-resistant and waterproof. In addition, a durable coating prevents the growth of mold and mildew. Consequently, your roofing looks the same for many years. It is our responsive team who will bring the desired effect on your roofing. Take a look at the potential benefits that will be worth your investment in painting:

  • Enhance the lifespan of your roof
  • Make your roof durable & waterproof 
  • Have weather-resistant roofing
  • Check the moss and fungal growth
  • Ensure roof aesthetics & preservation.

The procedures we follow for Roof Painting 

When it comes to roof restoration and maintenance, we follow some essential guidelines for roof coloring. First, our expert painters prepare the surface for painting. Following this, we conduct roof inspection services to find flaws and mend them with reliable Roof surface treatment. Then, we paint your roofs with different types of Roof coatings, such as silicone coating, asphalt coating, acrylic coating, etc. Hence, we like to go with the most popular asphalt coating. 

Thus, we ensure a seamless painting experience combined with roof repair and waterproofing solutions. Using weather-resistant color coatings, our skilled staff will offer you a durable and long-lasting painting solution. To handle the mechanism of roof painting, we utilize specialized skills and equipment for your roof aesthetics and longevity. 

Our expert high-rise painters mitigate risk potentials with rope access procedures. So you can be less worried about safety hazards. Above all, our painters are insured and licensed. Therefore, you don’t have any trust issues if you hire them to execute your painting job. Here, you can explore our potential services: 

  • Selection of the right paint color
  • Double or triple-coating
  • Waterproof color coating
  • Long-term paint solution
  • Custom color options. 

Diverse roof painting solutions we offer

Based on the climatic conditions, budget and building styles, we dispense various roof painting solutions at your convenience. Here are as follows:

Color bond roof painting

Usually, it is a popular choice. Due to its durability, energy efficiency and sleek appearance, most of our clients choose this. If your roofing gets painted using color bond technology, it can also withstand adverse weather conditions and corrosion. So, restore your existing roof with Colorbond roofing and get an increased lifespan for your old roof. 

Are your roofs getting faded? Hire our color bond roof painting services to improve the aesthetics of your roof. Most importantly, color bond roofing can be tinted in different shades you like. You can choose standard colorbond colors to enhance the appeal of your roofing. 

Roof tile painting

Generally, it is a low-cost option to have a fresh-looking roof. Whether you have concrete or terracotta tiles, you will have a variety of color options to get your tiles painted. As your roofing ages, the tiles become weak. So, you must go for the option of roof tile painting to give your space a new life. 

Why we are your best choice 

Moreover, hiring us will help you protect and preserve your roof. If you need the help of a painting professional, we are here to provide you with Roof Painting Services at a competitive price. We are committed to delivering quality service within the deadline, according to the client’s requirements and preferences. 

Whether you are a home or business owner, we will dive deep into the ocean of tailored solutions for roof beautification. Depending on the climatic conditions and stipulated budget, you can procure a perfect package for your roofing. So, don’t look further than Hiko Group to assign your painting project without any risk factors. 

Reach out to us now!

Roof Painting is a cheaper way to give your exterior structure a new look. Our proficient crew members are always here to discuss your project anytime and provide detailed solutions for your Roof renovation. Therefore, it would be best to call or email us as soon as possible for your appropriate quote. 


How much does painting the roof cost?

On average, the total cost of roof painting is $1000-$3000, which is far less than the cost of roof replacement. Painting contractors estimate the job based on the amount of paint required per sq. ft. The estimate differs from place to place based on the space size.

Can roof paint be used on walls?

Yes, roof painting can be used on exterior walls. As exterior walls are exposed to constant sun rays throughout the day. So, you need to paint it frequently to prevent it from potential water damage.

Do you paint the roof or walls first?

If you plan to paint your structure, start with the ceiling or roof painting. You must ensure that your roof or ceiling painting is completed before you begin wall painting. While painting your ceiling or roof, paints can flow down from the top edges. So, it will get covered after double coating the wall paints.

Can roof paint be used on wood?

Of course, roof paint can be used on wood, though it does not bind to the wood permanently. A specially formulated paint can soak into the wood grain and fit into the wood structure itself. So, roof painting can be suitably applied on wooden structures. 

Does painting your roof white help?

Painting your roof white will reduce the temperature by absorbing less solar energy and can stay 50 degrees cooler than traditional roofing. As a result, it can save energy and decrease your electricity bills, as you don’t need an air conditioning system. Enhancing the energy efficiency of white paint will extend the lifespan of your roofing. Thus, it adds value to your property while you sell it. You can sell your white-roofed house at 20% more price with professional services of roof painting.

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